Timothy Anderson Flink

Timothy FlinkTimothy is currently a Practitioner at Agile Chief Marketer, helping companies navigate the convergence of adtech and martech by developing operational best practices that deliver differentiated customer experiences.

Timothy started his career in digital advertising at Media Contacts (part of Havas Media). Timothy was selected from within Havas to join as one of the first five employees to start Digilant (formerly Adnetik) that was spun out of Havas Media as one of the first DSP plus trading desk platforms. During his tenure there, he served in multiple leadership roles including building their Ad Operations team and heading up the UK office as Managing Director. More recently, Timothy has held senior roles at Entravision/Pulpo Media and MyWebGrocer, where he focused on developing programmatic product offerings, best practices, and improving operational efficiency.

Timothy may be best known in the industry for “Flink Your Link” (or in question form “Have the links been Flinked?”) – shorthand for the process of appending click parameters for marketing tracking he developed in 2003 at his first job at World Travel Holdings (formerly NLG).

Timothy is a graduate from Northeastern University. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Management Information Systems and Marketing.