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Operations strategy for the growth CMO

We know you have the toughest job in your organization.

You work at the epicenter of some of the biggest challenges facing your business. Wrangling fragmented consumer attention, analyzing an explosion of data, and an overwhelming ecosystem of martech and adtech solutions, are challenges you face every day. All while keeping your team focused on achieving your quarterly objectives.

Here's how we help.

We work across marketing disciplines and along the entire customer lifecycle to help you generate more revenue.

Whether you call it Demand Generation, Customer Acquisition, or Revenue Optimization, building an effective and scalable revenue machine requires a customer-centric approach combined with strategic alignment and executional excellence across distinct marketing competencies

demand generation

Make sure your campaigns are supporting your prospecting and customer acquisition goals and delivering the expected ROI. Test and continuously optimize to improve performance of your marketing channels.

marketing/sales Alignment

There’s no place for a disconnected sales and marketing team when potential customers are informing most of their buying decisions online. Both teams must work hand-in-hand to guide the customer journey.


Establish meaningful KPIs combined with reporting and analytics that shed new light on your customers’ needs and pinpoint your next steps. Measure top of funnel activity for “tell-tales” that may impact performance down the road. Implement interactive dashboards that are purpose-built to support daily marketing decision-making.

conversion and retention

Make sure your website and landing pages are doing their job to convert visitors into prospects and customers. Understand your CPA/CPO and payback period so you acquiring profitable customers. Manage attrition to reduce the drain on top-line revenue.

marketing infrastructure

Without the right technology foundation, marketing is a nightmare of manual processes that consume your team’s resources. Make sure your investments are right-sized and that you’re able to deploy data in real-time to power campaigns and gain a competitive advantage through better insights.

customer value

Employ predictive metrics at the individual customer level that tell you who’s going to buy, when they’ll buy, what they’ll buy and how much they’ll spend in the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

AgileCMO delivers those ‘ah-ha’ moments that make you think differently.
— Kat Johnson, Director of Email Marketing at Allen Edmonds